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The Fastest List Growing Secret
by Sopan Greene M.A.

Are you running ads and marketing with tag lines that
send people to your website? Then you're missing the
point of internet marketing and losing out on your
best money making opportunity.

First a little history. The guys who started internet
marketing were all either successful direct marketers
or people who learned from successful direct marketers.
Direct marketing is marketing through the mail,
catalogs, infomercials, etc.

Ask any direct marketer or any internet marketer who
has gotten REAL results what the most important
part of marketing is. They will ALL tell you it's
the list, the list, the list. In internet marketing
this means YOUR opt-in e-mail list for your ezine
or newsletter.

The larger your list grows, the more targeted
customers you have to market to for the rest of
your life. If you're not building a list then
you're wasting your time trying to market on the
internet. The BIG PICTURE is more than one sale
to one customer.

The ONLY purpose of an EFFECTIVE (money making)
website is to capture e-mail addresses of targeted
people who are interested in what you are selling.
Why? Because most first time visitors to a site
DO NOT BUY. Because you want customers for life,
not customers for one sale and then bye-bye.

If you want to create good customers you have to earn
their business. The only way to earn it is to follow
up with them, let them get to know you and give them
VALUABLE information for free. People buy from people
and businesses they trust and trust can't be created
from a one time visit.

You have to brand yourself just like The Gap,
Coca-Cola, and Nike. When you buy their products you
know what you're going to get. By the way, how many
people do you know who only bought one coke or shopped
at the Gap once and never went back?

Your newsletter sent to YOUR opt-in e-mail list is
the way you get people to come back. It's how people
get to know what you're about and whether they should
buy from you. Of course you better not sell them crap
even once or they'll be gone, but we're just talking
about how to get them to the point of buying for the
first time.

Instead of sending people to your website you should
be sending them to an e-mail autoresponder. On the
autoresponder you should write either a note about
your newsletter or your site or both along with a link
to your site. Even if your site is primarily set up
to capture e-mails this will increase the amount of
subscribers to your list much faster.

This way you have captured their e-mail for sure before
they go to your site. Since your list is opt-in it
means that if they don't want to be on it they can
always click an unsubscribe link to get off.

If you want to increase your profits in the long run
you need to focus on building your list. Don't be
misled by thinking that you start an online business
and go out and make a ton of money the first month.
You can, but most people don't.

The internet marketing millionaires of today have well
over 50,000 people on their lists. Lists they built
over time and make more money from every time they
send an offer.

You can do it too...if you stop sending people directly
to your site.

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